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Made in Taiwan

Products leave Taiwan for China

Most of Roltech's recent new clients are located in China.

Taiwan's Costs Are Lower

Why? Here in Taiwan we can make good quality products cheaper than they can in China. Then, our they export Roltech's products to their own clients all over the world.

No doubt, you've heard of China's cost savings? China might be cheaper than Europe, North America and Australia. However, when compared with Taiwan, China only has cheaper labor costs. These costs are all lower in Taiwan:

  • Quality raw materials
  • Wastage
  • Land/Renting
  • Utilities [Electricity, water...]
  • Total taxes payable
  • Expenses to the government

Added to this, employees here in Taiwan on average are better educated, all enjoy paid vacations and health insurance.

Taiwan is Efficient

Taiwan is a well developed country with, in many cases, infrastructure that outperforms developed countries in the West. Its educated work-force and high-tech infrastructure enables Taiwan to be very efficient.

These efficient Taiwan work practices deliver:

  • Lower wastage
  • Reduced manufacturing time
  • Over all lower prices

100% Taiwan Made

All our products are made in Taiwan. Roltech's factories, raw materials, and products are 100% Taiwan made.

As you know, Taiwan is one of the world's top exporters and it offers the best balance between price and quality.

As our new Asia clients are finding out, Taiwan's Roltech is the ideal place to source your wheels, rollers and casters.

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Key Questions

Where are your products made?
Our products are made in Taiwan for dependable quality.
Can we order a few wheels?
We ship wheels by the 1000s from Taiwan.