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Roltech's Product Guide

Roltech manufactures literally 100s of types of wheels and casters.

This guide will help you choose the right kind of wheel to suit your needs:

  1. Wheel types or styles
  2. Wheel tread material
  3. Color
  4. Bearings and centers
  5. Size
  6. With or without casters
  7. EAU? What's the quantity of wheels needed each year?

However, you could just ask us and we'll help you choose your optimum wheels.

1) Wheel Types and Styles:

flat tread tpr wheel
Tread: Flat
rounded tread tpr wheel
Tread: Rounded
wheels with spokes
Hub: Spokes
wheels with smooth
Hub: Smooth
wheels with groove
Hub: Groove
tpu wheel with tread guard
Hub: Anti-static covers

*Double-flanged rolling walkway wheels also available.

2) Tread materials:

tpr caster wheel
High rebound TPR,
tpu caster wheel

Roltech also provides solid PP & PA [Nylon] wheels. These very traditional forms of wheels are still in high demand.

3) Colors:

gray caster wheel
red caster wheel
Red / Maroon
blue caster wheel
Navy / Blue

Need a custom color? No problem! Just choose a Pantone color.

4) Bearings and Centers:

precision bearing
heavy duty roller bearing
nylon busings

We also offer double precision bearings, and Polyamide 6 center lining sleeves.

5) Sizes:

We offer many sizes in both systems. Click the links below for our most popular sizes:


6) Casters:

Some clients ask us to supply the casters, while others don't.
Let us know your needs, and we'll supply them.

i) Caster type:

polymer caster
Water resistant, robust polymer casters last and look good
for years and years to come.
steel caster
Traditional steel casters

ii) Caster fixings:

If you'd like us to supply your casters, please tell us the fixing you need:

caster fixing with plate
caster fixing with stem
Round stem
caster fixing with thread
Threaded stem

iii) Caster fixing material:

Caster fixings, such as top plates, are supplied in:

  • Zinc plated steel
  • Stainless steel

Send us a message to get pricing, lead times and delivery dates.


Download our product information here:
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Can we order a few wheels?
We ship wheels by the 1000s from Taiwan.